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Join us and be a part of something special. Building a park for our children and families to come play and visit is a community event and we need your help! Regardless of skill there is a job for you! We need your help with construction, fund-raising, child care, materials, tools, and so much more. Please fill out the signup sheet and follow the enclosed instructions and someone from our volunteer committee will contact you.

UPDATE: we have successfully raised all the funds necessary to purchase the materials for the park. Now we need everyone's help to assemble and install the new playground beginning May 17th, 2016.

The signup sheet for build week is available online here and printable in .doc and .rtf formats, and en español.

Please send any questions regarding volunteering with the GPF directly to:

Please send questions, comments, and ideas to: info@gunterparksfoundation.com
or mail us directly at: GPF, P.O. Box 411, Gunter, TX 75058